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Friday, 13 November 2015

We need a break! 3D2N Port Dickson - The new Lexis Hibiscus

(Overdue Post, long drafted, but I had difficulty uploading photos :D)

The power of social media affects people holiday decision! Yes, definitely. I got this deal from some friends sharing through Facebook and here's our extra vacation, so rare during mid-year. We usually didn't travel during this period, but the deal just looks too tempting to resist.

The drive from the causeway to Port Dickson is about 4 hours drive with 1 stop. We decided to stop only for lunch as 3 of us were sleeping most part of the journey. 

 This is not our lunch :D Its desert after lunch!

Happy boy, high on ice cream.

Lexis Hibiscus is so new that it's not in GPS yet. We drove to Grand Lexis and got the direction from there (didn't do homework beforehand).  It's really far! But the drive is not too bad, mostly straight road. But our little boy still car sick and vomited all over himself (thank god it's on himself). By the time we arrive, it's about check in time 3ish. We proceed for an afternoon snack at the cafe and went back to use our indoor pool.

For 699RM you get 2 nights in a pool villa, room size comfortable for a family of four. In our case, it fits perfect 2A2C. The best part is of course a mini pool within the room, makes it so cozy and convenient for us. If you are worried about young kids falling into pool while you wasn't paying attention, you can lock the door to the swimming pool. There's no bathtub, but there's a big changing area before the pool where a separate shower and toilet. I think it's great layout for family! We really need big spaces, if you can relate to what I mean ( if you can't, never mind)!

 Finally, we found the hotel!
 Big lobby for kids to run around! 
Monkeys are so happy!
Love this service for lazy us! It sets an expectation for the boy that every hotel must have buggy!
Instant love
Resort feel max!
Nice, clean big beds and spaces
 Another favourite past time of theirs. They think this is indoor slide =_=
Lock the door so they can't sneak out during bedtime haha
 They play pretend row-a-boat here
Our family favourite. Indoor pool!

Besides the indoor mini pool, there's also public pools for kids and adults, but we didn't bother about it. There's an outdoor playground, not fanciful but sufficient to keep our kids happy. There's another thing that the kids love so much...... The red buggy for transferring guests for check ins (I assume). But they treat it as their ride, in and out of the room they expect buggy uncles to send them.

His favourite ride :D
Small playground, but gives them so much fun


But you do need to manage your expectation before you come. This special deal comes about because there's lots of facilities are still not in operation. There are 2 restaurants in operation, but limited menu. The kids club and spa are still building too, so there's really nothing much you can do. But there's a bicycle rental there. I've also seen they had planned some activities like Zumba, aqua aerobics, jungle walk and cultural dances. But all not ready. One important thing that you have to know, there's lotsssss of housefly at the restaurant, even when it's indoor, air conditioned. I went to Google, it's due to their open concept poultry farming. Ok, anyway just be prepared and eat in clean places. We are prepared to dine in hotel for 3D2N, be prepared on the cost too.

You can venture out to the town if you drive. Day 2, we went Giant hypermarket and shop for some tidbits and diapers (slightly cheaper) and found that's there's Old Town Cafe nearby! So happy!
Let's go to town!
Why can't we just laze around?
Giant Shopping
Old Town white coffee

Yummy kids meal
Too busy eating
Row-Row-Row a boat!
Afternoon swim 
Buy a float from the town
Snorkelling time
Family bonding
Beautiful sunset
Quiet night by the pool

It's quite nice for a weekend getaway if you don't mind the driving. I wouldn't mind coming back when all the facilities are in place!

Bye Lexis Hibiscus

Monday, 20 October 2014

Packing Checklst for a 4D3N Beach Vacation

It's less than a month away from my year end vacation! It's getting excited, basically I've done nothing except booked the air tickets and accommodation! But I am really excited to plan out my travel packing list as we will be flying Air Asia with limited luggage of 40kg for 4 of us Hahaha. Well, my hubby said "You don't need to bring lots for a beach vacation!" Well, he's going to faint when he sees my packing list >:P

In my Carry-on Bag (7kg per person except infant)
- Valid passports
- Identify cards (I learnt my lesson of not carrying my ID when travelling!)
- Cash (local currency & SGD)
- 2 Pens for filling out paper works
- All confirmations printed (E-Tickets, Hotel Confirmation and travel insurance)
- Mobile and Charger
- Those items with *

First Aid Kit
- Panadol (for Adults & Children)
- Antihistamine for allergy relief
- Smecta antidiarrheal
- Saline Nose Spray
- Band-aids
- Antiseptic cream
- Eye Drop

Personal Care
- Sunscreen for Adults & Children (Body & Face etc)
- Aloe Vera Gel for after sun care
- Bugs Spray
- Travel size laundry detergent
- Travel size dish detergent
- Baby wipes*
- Insulated Bottle for Toddler Milk Making
- Make-up (& Remover)
- Hair care including Shampoo, conditioner, brush, styling gel, hairbands
- Razor & shaving creams
- Toothbrush & Toothpaste for Adults & Children
- Eye care (Contact lens, Sunglasses, Spectacles)
- Body & Face wash
- Hand Sanitiser
- Children Wetbag & Extra Ziplock Bags
- Pocket Tissues
- Beach Towels for Children
- Reading Books for Adults and Children
- Ipad and charger*
- Camera and accessories (Memory card, charger)*
- Food/Snack (Chips and Toddler Biscuits)*

Kid/Toodler Stuff
- Travel Stroller or baby carrier
- Small Toys*
- Night cuddles (Elmo & bolster)
- Beach Toys
- Water bottles
- Diapers and Travel Change Pads
- Pool Toys and Floats
- Milk powder (Milk powder dispenser)

Clothing (I've not decided how many sets to bring *evil grin)
- Shorts
- 1 sweater for night
- Swimwear (Including Swim Diaper)
- Tops (Casual, Mid casual)
- Undergarment
- Socks
- Dresses
- Sports shoes/Dress Shoe?
- Sandals
- Sleeping Clothes
- Beach Bag
- Hats/Caps

This is my preliminary list :P Let's see if I will have extra stuff packed in on actual day :D

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Full time working mum

I tried not to blog about heavy topics because this is supposed to be about my loves, I only want to record my happiness and not the complains. But I chanced upon this blog which is very relevant to my everyday worries.

I desperately comb through the blogs,  hoping to find a mum with situation similar to me and secretly hoping to have a situation worse off Then me so that I will be comforted. Unfortunately,  no. I know my problems yet I could not rectify it, which makes me quite miserable.

Being FTWM,  is not easy at all. While most of the readings I came across are making decisions to be Sahm,  when the most important point you have to consider is financial burden. Once it's sorted out, you just have to make it work. For FTWM,  you are juggling continously. Your single colleagues will never understand that when you leave office on time, you are going to do a more challenging job. You can't bring your emotions to work and you just feel like slapping the 100th person who asked you why are you so tired after a weekend. Also, the decision to be a FTWM is always easier to make, But you didn't realised that behind this decision you also must have some kind of support.  Like are you going to force your parents to take care of your kids If you can't fetch them from child/student care on time? Are you going to let your kids be independent to be responsible for their own academics (do homework while mummy & daddy are still doing late night overtime). Would you hate yourself If you have neglected your child and they turn astray?

No conclusion.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Loom Love

Loom Bands Beginner :D

Finally, we bought a box of Loom Bands

We have been hesitating. It wasn't too expensive, But we were bothered with the safety hazards, the mess it could create and whether G will be patient enough to learn how to play with it.

To be honest, we are curious and it's quite cool for parents to give loom bands to their kids right?

A little knowledge read up (so we don't play blindly :P)
Rainbow Loom was invented in 2011 by Cheong Choon Ng, a Malaysian-born engineer from Michigan. He was inspired by his daughters, while watching them made rubber-band jewellery. This is targeted at children between 8 to 14, but had picked up popularity among the younger ones too. It became so popular and even the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted wearing it during her New Zealand Trip!

 We bought this starter Kit from Kiddy Palace $24.90 
The rainbow happy colours: )

There are cheaper options. Random shops selling around $10 for a big box. You have many choices, many price options. We didn't research much on which brands are safe and since it was an impulse purchase, so we rather get from a reputable shop. I rules I set to G, includes that she cannot wear to sleep.
Note: If you wanted to get the original Rainbow Loom, you can find

 Daddy teaching G how to weave
 It was not too hard for her to pick up
 She showed me how to do the fishtail pattern
 The rainbow basic loom done by me, the pinky and white done by daddy.
 She made the blue and white fishtail.
I made this blue and red fishtail for Aiden and G named it Spiderman band (Spidey colours).
This is G's National Day band :D
Rainbow fishtail band
Triple Single Band

There are still many different style that you can create with this rubber bands! 

All toys can have some dangers if you did not monitor closely on how it is used in play. But it seems to be a good option of letting the little ones to break away from TV, tablets, handphone... Have fun with creativity :)